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Dan Fitzpatrick, author of the best-selling book, The AI Classroom: Teaching & Learning in the Artificial Intelligence Revolution, Dan imparts invaluable insights and tactics for harnessing AI in education. His work has earned him esteemed accolades such as the Tech Champion Award at the Digital Industry Dynamite Awards and Top 30 K-12 Influencers by EdTech Magazine.

Dan's former roles include serving as Director for Digital Strategy at Education Partnership North East and as a senior leader at a secondary school. Presently, he assumes the role of Director at Thirdbox Ltd.

Dan holds an M.A. from Durham University, a PGCE from UCL, and a Post Graduate Diploma in Design Thinking & Innovation from MIT. This robust foundation in academia has endowed him with the knowledge and skills to thrive in the ever-evolving world of AI and education.

Dan has helped 42,000+ educators worldwide embrace AI. Additionally, he has partnered with hundreds of small business leaders and marketing professionals, such as those from Welsh Water and Cleanspec Cumbria, to enhance their practices using artificial intelligence.

He is a regular contributor in the media on all matters of AI, having been featured on ITV’s Good Morning Britain, Time Magazine, Forbes, Sky News and ITV News.

Dan Fitzpatrick's unwavering commitment to the advancement of AI in education and his passion for fostering innovation in the field render him a highly sought-after expert, strategist, and thought leader. Dan's extensive knowledge and hands-on experience inspire educators, professionals, and organizations worldwide as they grapple with the challenges and prospects of the AI revolution.



Matt Miller has been infusing technology and innovative teaching methods into his classroom for more than 10 years. After trying to do the traditional "teach by the textbook" for a few years, he launched into a textbook-less path where learning activities were often custom-produced for his students as well as infused with technology. He likes the results a lot, and his students do too.

He has been recognized for excellence in teaching and technology integration. Matt is a Google Certified Innovator and Microsoft in Education Expert. He was named a 23-24 Top 100 Influencer in EdTech by EdTech Digest. He won the WTHI-TV Golden Apple Award for excellence in teaching and was nominated for a Bammy Award for Secondary School Teacher of the Year in 2014.

Matt is the author of six books, including Ditch That Textbook, a book that encourages teachers to free their teaching and revolutionize their classrooms with mindsets, techniques and curriculum to serve today's learners. He also created the Ditch That Textbook blog ( and regularly writes about educational technology and creative teaching. Thousands of educators subscribe to his blog, which has visitors from more than 100 countries.

Matt hasn't always been in education, though. Before becoming a teacher, he was a newspaper reporter and wrote for several Indiana daily newspapers, including the Indianapolis Star. He made the switch when he realized that his true passion was helping other writers with their writing, not doing the reporting himself. He returned to school and had a teaching job in eight months. The rest is history.



Jean Darnell, MLIS, is a Texas librarian who advocates for all students via her blog,, where she shares lesson ideas, professional development and curriculum content aimed at improving the diverse role of librarians of color and the young adults they serve. She has an in-depth knowledge of technology that began in 2001. Additionally, she's a 2024 Pulitzer Center Teacher Fellow in the field of Artificial Intelligence. Presently, she is the 2023 Texas Library Association Intellectual Freedom Committee Chairperson and has served on other national and local committees including speaking at various national and local conferences as a keynote speaker and panelist. She's a graduate of Baylor University (undergrad) and the University of Houston, Clear Lake (graduate school).

Stephanie Galvan Russell is a School Librarian, Educational Technology Specialist, and Instructional Designer in Austin, TX. She serves as Chair of the TLA Spirit of Texas Reading List Committee, has been Chair of The Texas Maverick Graphic Novel Reading List Committee, and was a member of the 2023 TxLA Annual Conference Planning Committee. Stephanie has also been named a member of the 2023 Class of TALL Texans Leadership Development Institute. Stephanie was the 2018 YART Young Adult Incentive Winner and the TASL Media Virtual Presence Honorary Award Winner for her blog, The Lispy Librarian. Her passions include effective technology integration, engaging and purposeful PD, and connecting students to diverse books.

Dr. Nikki D. Robertson-Griffin is a veteran educator, school librarian, Google Certified Trainer, and the ISTE Librarians Network Past-President. Nikki is passionate about school libraries, educational technology, collaboration with other education professionals, and assisting students in becoming well-informed, critically thinking digital citizens. Nikki earned her Ph.D. in Integrating Technology, Learning, and Psychology. Nikki's dissertation is titled How School Librarians Describe Their Experiences Within Facebook Groups for Their Professional Learning. Her book is Connected Librarians: Tap Social Media to Enhance Professional Development and Student Learning. Nikki is the recipient of several honors, including an ASLA Ann Marie Pipkin Technology Award and the AASL Bound to Stay Bound Grant, and was named the Program Pioneer Social Media Superstar by the American Association of School Librarians. You can learn more about Nikki at

Kristi Starr is serving in her 13th year as a school librarian and 1st year as a library media director at Mustang High School in Mustang, OK. The concepts of "Every reader his/her book" and "Every book its reader" resonate strongly and apply to nonfiction as well as fiction, but she also believes "Every teacher and learner his/her tech tool" and "Every tech tool its user." A Wakelet Ambassador (Wakelet tops her list of go-to tools), a Google Certified Trainer, and a Genially Ambassador, she enjoys all things bookish and EdTech related. In her previous educational life, Kristi taught German and a bit of English. She also teaches as an adjunct instructor at the University of North Texas in the school library certification program. It helps her maintain her Texas roots.

Sharla Wilkinson has a passion for fostering literacy and a commitment to educational excellence. She is currently serving as an Elementary Librarian in Hutto, TX, shaping the literary landscape of the school community. As a librarian, she has been instrumental in promoting a love for reading, information literacy, and research skills among students. Sharla is deeply involved in the local educational community, contributing to the growth and development of young minds. She is not only an advocate for literacy but also a catalyst for creating inclusive and innovative educational experiences for all students. Using her Gifted and Talented (GT) training background, Sharla is committed to recognizing and nurturing the potential within each student. Her 19 years in education have included 5 years teaching 4th grade and 1 year in 3rd grade, providing a well-rounded perspective on elementary education. As Sharla embarks on her 20th year in education, she remains committed to the pursuit of excellence, shaping the future of young learners one book at a time.

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